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About us

Our goal is to bring to the market a system for editing websites, available to the public, and by that enable people to maintain a content of their websites still actual.

Because a content and his accessibility is an important part of websites for users, we are trying to develop our products this way.

Offer a common user of the internet an opportunity to take care of his website´s content the easiest possible way.

System Webináč is continuously modified according to the needs of our customers the way to facilitate maintaining the content of websites.

By affordable services and simple system for managing a content of websites, we would like to adress a lot of people and enable them active participation in the internet, so that the slogan Everything is on the web has not been only a phrase, but reality.

An important part of every information is the accesibility, the ability of random website user to find important information the fastest way, without the necessity to learn how to use the website. That is why we are trying to customize our products to the newest trends in the area of information architecture as well as user accessibility. The content managment system Webináč enables you to create and maintain your website in transparent way, so that all necessery information will be quickly and simply available.
Of course there is also SEO - optimalization of websites for search engines, to get your information to the customers the fastest way.

To guarantee the maximum available accessibility of our products aside from a used computer or operating system and without complicated installations, we built pur products on a standard web interface. Thanks to these advantages you may have a content of your website still under control, aside from whether you are at home, at work or you want to modify your website in an internet cafe.

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